Tropical Weather Seasons

Cairns is located in a Sub-tropical region of the Far North Queensland Australia.

We don’t have the normal seasons like you get in NSW and Vic.

Southern States 4 Seasons (NSW and VIC)

  • Summer: December to February
  • Autumn: March to May
  • Winter: June to August
  • Spring: September to November

Here in Cairns we get a Wet Season and Dry Season.

  • Wet Season (also called Monsoon Season) lasts about 6 months between November and April
  • Dry Season lasts about 6 Months between May and October

The best time of the year to remove weeds, plug, aerate or thatch your lawns and to spread slow release fertiliser is the Wet Season Starting November.
As an example if you spread fertiliser in November (Start of Wet Season in Cairns) then spread fertiliser again in 6 weeks to really give your lawns a boost ahead of the dry season.
Cairns Monthly climate statistics - graph
View Rainfall Statistics for the Cairns Region.

You want to avoid the dry season as you run the risk of stressing, damaging or accidently killing you lawns and gardens.
Remember your weeds love tough, dry conditions so kill in the Wet Season before they take over.
Also mow your lawns at a higher cut in the dry season and even higher in shaded areas.


Depending on the condition of your lawns and gardens, it may take many months of work and treatments before results come.

Every lawn we do, we do with pride and passion!