Lawn & Garden Fertilizing

Are your gardens and lawns not looking green and lush anymore?
Then it's time for some TLC, and a little Fertilizing!

Depending on if it's Wet or Dry Season here in Cairns will depend on what type of Fertilizer we use.

Benefits of using a lawn fertilizer;

  • Lawn fertilizing increases the density of the grass.
  • Lawn density helps minimise weeds in your lawn.
  • Fertilizing provides your lawn with additional nutrition essential for growth, health and vigour.
  • Longer lawns create shade and cooler soil to protect roots and restrict the growth of weeds.
  • Fertilizing your grass helps it become more resistant to stress conditions, such as extreme weather and other issues.
  • Lawn fertilizing is a major contributor to that green colour that you love on your lawn.

Or if your lawns are compacted (hard under foot) then it may need our Core Lawn Aerator service followed by fertilizing then a mulch mow and deep watering morning and night every 3 days to get your lawns back to a state where it will flourish again.

The poorer condition your lawns are in the longer it will take to get life back into your lawns.

Get your gardens and lawns back on track again with a little Fertilizing, TLC and Know-how!!!

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