Holiday Mowing Service

At Prodigy Lawns we take care of your Lawns and Gardens while you are away on holidays!

We do short term and long term holiday mowing services.

Our Holiday Mowing Service includes any or all of the following;

  • Edge the lawns
  • Mulch Mow the lawns
  • Clean up the grass areas
  • Clean up the gardens
  • Cut back the hedges
  • Trim tree branches away from the house and gutters
  • Lay fresh super fine mulch on the garden beds
  • Backpack blow all the concrete and driveway areas
  • Remove and clean up all garden wastes including palm fronds
  • Collect and Hold any mail, newspapers, junk mail etc till your return
  • Take out and Collect your Rubbish Bins

We will take good care of your lawns and gardens while you are away enjoying your holiday.


 Rest easy and enjoy your Holidays knowing Prodigy Lawns is looking after your lawns and gardens!!!

Phone Prodigy Lawns today on 0447 442-230 and let's get started.

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Call today to enquire about setting up a regular schedule, or to book a one off service.

We are open for bookings Monday to Saturday from 7:00am to 5.30pm.

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