Weed Control

Are your weeds getting out of control?
Sick of wasting your weekends weeding?  
Are you looking for a safe way to keep weeds and grass from growing in the cracks of your paved patios, driveways, foot paths, walkways and stoned areas?

or do you have a Sensitive Weed Problem?

Tips to Kill and Remove Sensitive Weed;

  • As soon as you spot Sensitive Weed, remove it. It spreads fast.
  • The best time to remove Sensitive Weed is after a good rainfall (Cairns wet season Jan - March). Soft soil makes it easy to pull them out.
  • Thorough spot spray using an appropriate herbicide and wetting agent.
  • Wetting of all leaf surfaces is essential. If the sensitive weed is disturbed before spraying, the leaves will fold up and the herbicide will be ineffective.
  • Apply herbicide poison when sensitive weed is actively growing.
  • Treat weed infestations when they are small - do not allow weeds to establish.
  • Individual sensitive weed plants can be chipped out making sure all root is removed.
  • Use gloves and a pair of pliers when removing as the spikes really hurt.
  • Seeds may remain dormant in the soil for many years.
  • Regular maintenance is essential in eradicating Sensitive Weed from your lawns and gardens.
  • Killing the sensitive weeds on the surface is only part of the problem. Don't forget the seeds and roots that lay below the surface waiting to pop up, usually in a few weeks after you have sprayed.
    • ie: Round Two.

As I understand it a healthy lawn won't get sensitive weed .. so that is the best defense.
Also don't cut your lawns too low as this only encourages the sensitive weed to grow more.
Minimum Lawn Height should be cut at 2" ie: 7th,8th or 9th notch on your push mower.
When mowing your lawns that have Sensitive Weed in the lawns make sure you use a catcher on the mower so as not to spread the Sensitive Weed.
Sensitive weed seems to pop up in drought conditions and then thrive from there.
So kill it before the wet season finishes (Cairns ie: End March) or you will have a painful back bending busy summer.

Most poisons don’t work on sensitive weed, so rather than using whatever poisons you have in the shed.

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Common Sensitive Weed Plant   (Scientific name: Mimosa Pudica)Fun to touch and play with now, but you wait to it's out of controlVery hardy, very tough to kill and sensitive weed like's it dry, wet or shady and spreads really fast. All this makes it very tough to kill.
Common Sensitive Weed Plant   (Scientific name: Mimosa Pudica)

Native to tropical America, common sensitive plant (Mimosa pudica) was introduced into Australia as a curiosity plant in gardens. It has since escaped and is found all along the Queensland coast, mainly in the wetter areas of the tropical north.

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