Mulching your Garden

Is your garden getting tired, does the soil look dry, are your plants and tree roots exposed to the surface elements?

Your garden needs protection and what better way to protect the garden than with Super Fine Mulch.

At Prodigy Lawns we only use Super Fine Mulch because of the many qualities such as;

  • A Twice-grinded nice and even grade of mulch
  • The finer particles re-vigour your plants quicker
  • Provides a nice, even layer
  • Great weed suppressant
  • Puts a good seal on your garden to help keep moisture in (less watering needed)
  • Black in colour
  • Aesthetically, it provides a great contrast in colour to healthy green plants in your garden
  • Cleaner more refined product


With a 10cm layer of Super Fine Mulch on your garden, you will see a real difference in the healthy growth of your garden.

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Super Fine Mulch, Great Weed Suppressant
Super Fine Mulch

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