Manicured Lawn Mowing with Catcher Service by Prodigy Lawns

Manicured Lawn Mowing with Catcher Service.

With our brand new Walker 42" Catch Mower with a Floating Deck we are now able to perfectly mow your lawns and catch all the cut grass and remove the cut grass off site or if you prefer we can leave the cut grass in a pile at your chosen location.

The benefits of using our professional grade catch mower with a floating deck is we can deliver manicured and very clean cut grass that looks fantastic, every time.
It also means that the cut lawns are cleaner with virtually no loose cut grass laying around that gets trampled inside or sticks to your feet etc.

Perfect mowing and grass catching service for Councils, Sports Fields, Ovals, Public Swimming Pools, Resorts and anywhere when clean, tidy lawns are a must.


As with all our lawn mowing jobs;

Preparation is King.
We prepare the lawns by removing any foreign objects, such as rocks, toys, hoses and the like.
We then make sure your children and animals are at a safe distance.

Next comes the Lawn Edge.
Where possible we prefer to straight cut your lawn edge for that manicured look especially around the front yard or the entrance to your business or club.

Then comes the Lawn Mowing.
We use the Walker 42" Catch Mower with a floating deck to turn your messy grass into Manicured Lawn that looks fantastic.
All the cut grass is bagged and removed off site as part of our service or if you prefer we can pile up the cut grass in your chosen location.

Then for the Finishing Touches.
We use either a backpack blower or a hand blower to clean up the gutters, foot paths, driveways, and any other path where we have been working.

Depending on the condition of your paths, driveway and stoned areas we can on request also weed poison all these areas.

Every lawn we do, we do with pride and passion!

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Prodigy Lawns New Walker 42Floating Deck that follows the contours of your lawnLatest technology to deliver the perfect lawn cutting catcher

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At Prodigy Lawns we do a variety of Body Corporate and Commercial and Lawn and Garden Maintenance throughout the Cairns Northern Beaches.

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