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Mulching Vs Catching

We often get asked why we choose to Mulch the lawn clippings..
Well here is the answer.

Mulching your grass clippings
Composed mostly of water, mulched grass clippings break down quickly and spell good news for both your lawn and yourself.

Mulched clippings will:

  • Provide up to 25% of your lawns nutritional needs that is, nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus
  • Reduce your annual fertiliser bill
  • Increase the organic matter in your soil
  • Help level the highs and lows in your lawn
  • Save you time and extra labour, by not having to collect and dispose of grass clippings

Remember, these benefits will only be realised when your lawn is mulched correctly!

Catching your grass clippings
If you don’t have a mulching mower, don’t despair! Catching your grass clippings can be beneficial particularly if you deal with your grass clippings in the right way.

Here are the benefits of catching clippings:

  • You can start a compost pile that can then be used in other areas of your garden
  • If your lawn has an abundance of weeds, particularly during the time they go to seed, you don’t want to spread them across other areas of your lawn

So, if your grass is growing super-fast and you can’t keep up with the grass clippings, then mulching your clippings is probably your best option. Plus you have the added bonus that mulching will save you heaps of time each mow and comes with all the other benefits.

Answer - You’re probably better off doing more mulching mows, more often!

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